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Artist. Writer. Yoga obsessed creature.

I believe in the connection to all facets of self: mind, energetic body, physical body, and spirit. 

I am a facilitator of posture, movement, connection, and attentiveness to the self. I recognize that life is vast and our experiences raw; because of this, I believe healing happens in spaces of non-judgmental embrace.

My classes are dynamic in sequencing, mentally and physically challenging, where I seek to hold space for a  journey of self discovery and the healing.


Yoga became a consistent companion during my university years while living in New Orleans. It was a conduit of processing, to understand anxiety and depression. Mindful, intentional movement led me to find liberation in experiencing my own body, the ability to feel potentiality within.

After university and working in the non-profit world for a few years, I was still unsettled. I moved home to The Bay Area, California and completed, one of many, yoga teacher trainings. I immediately fell in love with the history, freedom, and expansiveness of the practice. For me, yoga is an endless pool of inspiration, fueled by the uniqueness of the human experience. I am constantly curious about our ability to add layers, to change, pivot and grow in mind and body. 

Our stories are an integral part of how we’ve become; navigate this world, and though the events of our lives give insight to where we are, they are not necessarily who we are. 


I think a better understanding of who I am would be to tell you a few things I love most, and moments that make me feel alive, in no particular order:

  • The wildness of the ocean 

  • My inseparable bond to nature: being of + giving back 

  • Divine + sacred feminism

  • Spiritual rituals

  • The dark and mysterious + taxidermy 

  • Yoga 

  • Music: an intrinsic need within to create + explore sounds and vibrations 

  • Reading + books + learning + books + reading

  • Neuroscience + psychology 

  • Holistic healing + herbal remedies  

  • The color black: simple + comforting + elusive 

  • An enormous coffee mug that resembles more of a bowl

  • My incredible partner and our furry creatures we treat as if our children 

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