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Yoga pose downward dog

Strong and sweaty flows set to music and designed to give you a good workout whilst stretching. Challenging sequences that will test your stamina. Not suitable for beginners.

Dynamic Vinyasa

Closeup of Half Moon Yoga

A slower paced, mindful approach to your practice. Excellent for beginners and experiencing proper alignment in postures.

Align + Flow Yoga

Close up childs pose yoga

A passive stretch which focuses on connective tissues; holding long restorative postures to release myofascial tissue and tension.

Yin + Myofascial Release



pink exercise mat with

A low-impact form of exercise to strengthen your core, build muscle, and increase overall body awareness.

Mat Pilates

Women doing pilates work out

A mix of high intensity interval training and Pilates principles. Fun, sweaty and dynamic; full body, low impact training to strengthen muscles and burn stored energy.

HIIT Pilates



A cup of cacao

Cacao is a nourishing plant medicine used to gently guide us through transformative, conscious shifts, and deep introspection. It is a spiritual aide and superfood packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has been used for over 5,000 years in ceremony in South America. 

Cacao Ceremony

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